Snapchat creators

When launched in the July of 2011, Snapchat was known as Picaboo and only much later it was changed into Snapchat. This popular app now boasts of a mighty 100 million daily users and around 2billion daily views. The credit for its popularity goes greatly to the ingenious design that allows the users to set the time limit for which their posts can be viewed after which it gets permanently deleted from the platform. No post can stay for more than twenty-four hours.

This app is the brainchild of Steven Spielberg and Bobby Murphy. It was created when both of them were still in college. Before Snapchat, the two friends, had also tried their hands at a different venture, a website designed to help the parents and students through the hectic process of college admission. although the app was fully functional, it didn’t flourish mainly due to lack of exposure.

Bobby was two years senior to Spielberg at Stanford. They were also the members of the same fraternity. Although Spielberg went on to study mathematical and computational science, Bobby dropped out of college just three days before graduation. Now, their platform is gaining popularity all across the world, and they are not even 30 yet.
When they first started out, 123 million dollars was spent in Snapchat funding. Since then, they have had a huge turnover and now the platform gets approximately 400 million daily snaps. Although the fate of Snapchat cannot yet be predicted, it appears that the app is here to stay. Besides this application, several programmers have created an application that helps Snapchat ( account and modify it to be as easy to use and battery consumption to shrink.vzcxvzdvaefaew

Bobby and Spielberg even turned down a business of offer of 3 billion dollars for giving up their platform to Facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg outlined his vision for a similar feature called “poke” for Facebook, they expressed that they were nothing but up for a battle. It seems like the duo is quite confident about their product and have no intention of losing up on it just yet. In fact, both the friends are known for their sturdy reputations.

Bobby is known to have an almost enviable self-control and Spielberg never hesitates when it comes to rubbing shoulders with a set of his dislikes. “it’s not about working harder, it’s about working the system,” Spiegel was quoted as saying.
As to their parentage, both of Spielberg’s parents are well-accomplished lawyers. They hold degrees from Yale and Harvard. They had their divorce in 2007 and Spiegel stays with his dad. Bobby’s parents work for the state of California. his dad is an American whereas his mother is a Filipino who later emigrated to America.

Although the app is said to have been designed by the two and one more friend, Reggie Brown when the three were in college, the ownership by Reggie Brown is hotly disputed. They have had a fair share of grudges and legal battles. The app also faced a huge setback when a major hacking incident took place in December 2013, when the personal information of 4.6 million users was put into jeopardy. Since then, the app has taken up several measures to improve the security.