Are safe satellites in space?

Satellites are the real keys of almost all the essential and basic activities on earth. Every year, several satellites are launched from different space stations. And every launching has a mission to establish. Now the million dollar question is whether the satellites are safe in space or not? Truly, it is a very crucial fact and even harder to get the right answer. With the advancement of the human civilization, science arena has also improved a lot. And a satellite is a key product of that improvement. But when there is a solution then there must be several questions also. And it is difficult to ignore them. The same thing is happening here when there is a safety-related question regarding the satellite into space.


Some facts regarding the safety of the satellites into space:

Debris in space:   The first thing one should remember is that there is a right office on earth and also in space which ultimately cares for the safety of the satellite.  There are more than 9000 pieces of debris and the dead satellites which are flying continuously around the earth. Now if the debris of the space or the dead satellites hit an active satellite, then there must be a huge loss of the human civilization, because every satellite carries a mission for the development of the human society.

Collision avoidance:   Another very important fact regarding the safety of the satellite in space is the collision avoidance. As already mentioned, that collision can happen between the debris in space and the satellite. Now another part of the collision is between two active satellites if there is a wrong orbital position. Remember, a collision can destroy the communication and the navigation, which are very necessary for the success of the satellite mission.

The advent of the unwanted intruders:  The meaning of the unwanted intruders is the disruptions in the radio frequency. And the worst thing is if there is such thing happening in a satellite, then a big destruction can take place, because, proper and right radio frequency can establish the communication between the earth and the satellite. Actually, through radio-frequency the air traffic controllers establish contact with the pilots to maintain the safe orbital position and safe separation. The officials of the orbital safety management monitor the movement of the satellite and contact when necessary with this radio frequency. Can locate intruders uses different emergency signals for more details need to enter the site

Meteor showers:   Meteor shower is another big threat to the satellite in space. Every year it happens almost at the ending part of the year that is in November. Meteor showers like the Leonids can completely destroy satellites.

Solar flares:   Solar flares can be another threat to the satellites. It happens after every 11 years. And it is truly very dangerous for satellite because it is very difficult to avoid this thing. Solar flares actually damage or destroy the satellite moves around the earth.

So, these are the most critical facts about the safety of the satellites in space. These parts should be controlled and avoided very carefully so that the safety of the satellites can be confirmed with full assurance.